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Fusion Informatics is one of the award-winning mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE. At our company, we follow the best approach to make sure that we deliver excellent quality mobile apps. Our standards to satisfy our clients by filling they're as per business requirements and being best in mobile applications development Companies in UAE, US, UK, India.

How Mobile Apps are Beneficial for Health Care Industry

In the past, the patients were confined to wait in a long queue in the waiting halls for getting medical services. It was dull and a lot of time was normally consumed in these waiting halls. But this kind of situations has changed, thanks to the change in the mobile industry. When related to other forms of communication available, mobile phones are ever-present. They provide solutions that are tailored for the current generation users, and even older people utilize them. One such excellent thing about this technology is mobile apps. These mobile apps have a solution to nearly all the problems. Now they are discussing the issues faced in the healthcare industry and Mobile app development companies in Dubai are providing app development related to healthcare and presenting the best solutions for them. Portability, affordability, and availability of these health care mobile apps made them popular among the distinct kinds of users.

How Mobile Apps are Beneficial for Health Care Industry

Here are the Benefits of Mobile apps to Health Industry


1. Support for Medical Staff


Right from the development of mobile apps in the healthcare industry, they have grown as a benefit for the doctors, nurses and other staff being in a hospital. The app made it simple for them to obtain the patient details and is updated with the health conditions of patients from time to time.

While 80% of doctors are utilizing the technology of the mobile app and develop their apps from a mobile app development company to reach and access their patients. Some doctors are utilizing digitalized prescriptions. These prescriptions can be obtained on the mobile device, and the doctors will be capable to edit or modify it whenever needed. The medical professionals can observe at all the reports linked to a particular patient at one glance even when they are on a go which assists in emergencies. In this way, the healthcare mobile app features are supporting the doctors and other hospital-related maintenance staff a lot.


2. Remote Areas Patients


This is the digital era where you can see smartphones and high internet speed connection in every niche and edge of the world. Even in faraway remote areas, people have a way to smartphones even though they don’t have conventional hospital facilities.

This availability of smartphones in such distant areas is an advantage because they can get into touch with the doctor without visiting the hospitals. Everything can be accomplished with the aid of an app in a very short time and they can even buy medicines online.


3. Decreased Risk of Diagnostic Errors


A minor mistake in diagnosis can result in some severe issues. There will be severe damage made to the patient’s health. The mobile healthcare apps own intelligent diagnostic abilities will decrease the error rate and present perfect drug forecasts for users. The healthcare mobile app development company in Riyadh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia include several other features to the mobile application like cloud facilities to save the details of patients, etc.


4. Health Condition Monitoring


The usage of health trackers and wearables has raised a lot these days. The health apps will provide users with a choice to monitor their health consistently. It not only provides them ownership for monitoring health to stay fresh but it also assists them in accomplishing the best results.

These powerful trackers and wearables are getting people informed about health. The metrics that can be traced with the aid of these gadgets are calorie-burning, diet regime, diabetes, etc


5. Discount in Medical Bills


The healthcare industry is expensive, and almost everyone is conscious of that. Even one appointment to a hospital will cost you a great amount of money. The medical expenses can be decreased by utilizing healthcare apps. These apps are also assisting in easily paying the bills too. You can schedule the payments every month at once, and the amount will be decreased every time even without your interference.




These are some advantages of mobile apps in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is going under a huge transformation. They make complicated tasks to easy one and help in making a decision correctly.


Fusion Informatics is the top mobile app development companies in Kuwait and if you are seeking a committed and reliable mobile app development company for your business project requirement then your work will be easy with our efficient app developers


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Tips and Necessary things to include in E-commerce app for a Business?

Our World is enclosed by smartphones, this is one of those facts that every individual one of us can agree. Chattering of which, mobile e-commerce is growing right now since we have ultimate access to smartphones. With the assistant of e-commerce applications, we can see and later buy those products with just a few taps. The best part is that we don’t have to go everywhere. Considering those facts into the account, businesses are getting hard to invest in e-commerce app development to take their earnings to a different extent.



Need of E-Commerce App for Your Business?




Almost 80% of customers prefer using an app rather than a website for shopping online. Do you know what that indicates? Making a mobile app is not an alternative instead, it has become quite a demand.


It is also a matter that there has been somewhat of a continuous debate on which one is better, mobile app or a responsive website?” well, as per our point of view, we’d suggest you develop a mobile application from the top mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE and etc countries. It is faster, convenient, and more secure.



User Experience


No matter what application you are going to develop if it disappoints to provide a user with a proper interface, you are most likely to face judgment on that reason alone. Let’s take up an instance of Myntra, this is one of those companies that afford the most pleasant shopping experience. You can always take evidence from apps like this one to make one effective application to engage more customers to your e-commerce store



Enhance in Conversions


We as normal people tend to consume more and more time on smartphones, which is alone slightly of a statement that supports this point. With that being said, it is completely obvious that mobile apps would be a great channel to take the conversion rates to a greater level. The personalization that only mobile apps can offer and ensure that customers view similar products destroying them for choice.



Boosting  Customer Loyalty


Once a consumer downloads your app, you should understand for that matter that he is already satisfied. Your application’s icon is somewhat of a continuous reminder for your customer to prefer your app no matter what they want to purchase. As per some of the surveys, we came to know that an app user directs to get back to your store within a month or so for purchase.



Necessary things of an E-Commerce App


We’ve discussed all the important reasons for you to be having an e-commerce app, this might be the best time to list the things that your e-commerce application should have in the first place.


Simple and Attractive Design


Nowadays, when it appears to an app, users favour a well-rounded application and that too which has got a minimum feel to it. A complex designed application is not supported these days, instead, it gets a bad review based on that. Now, the question is what performs an app stand out? Having a simple user interface can formulate your app to attract more users.




Since we are discussing e-commerce apps, you need to understand that content matters the most like any other viewpoint of an application. Content in e-commerce apps relates to images that carry the value of your product. Images clicked with a smartphone or obtained from the internet will not justify the product that you are striving to sell.


Social Media integration


Nobody shows interest and consume time in filling out lengthy forms. However, It is good to prefer a small sign-up process. How to provide one? Well, an easy answer is social media integration. With doing that, you are truly making the whole sign-up and log-in process quite simple and less time-consuming. Moreover, it allows you to share what they are seeing or buying from your store, that finally helps your app to gain attraction in the market.




It is completely obvious that when you are utilizing an e-commerce app, a massive amount of data is being moved from one place to another. It is therefore of the highest importance that information like credit and debit card details, home or office address is kept secure at all times without any occurrences of crimes whatsoever.




Are you looking to develop an E-Commerce app to expand your business? If yes! Then we are glad to inform you that we are the right mobile app development company in Riyadh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and etc that you are looking for.


Fusion informatics is a renowned and award-winning mobile app development company in Kuwait and offering app development services on multiple platforms to companies across various industries.

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How Mobile app development companies are offering best mobile experience to Smart Phone Users

Mobile app development needs skill, expertise, and high-level knowledge and this is the situation that mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE and etc have to provide their support. Mobile apps give a pleasant and fairly satisfying mobile experience. All the mobile apps that you utilize from your mobile device are developed by the top mobile app development companies. To support this point, have a glance at some successful apps.

How mobile app development companies are providing best mobile experience

1. Photo editing apps


Everyone is maintaining an iPhone and/or Android phone and using those mobile phones for taking photos. This is happening through the technology that your mobile device is created. This technology is recognized as artificial intelligence. Likewise, people edit their photos to create them more appealing. This is made with photo editing apps. There are various apps that are developed by the top mobile app development company in Riyadh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. and they all have a different kind of features to edit photos.


2. Video making apps


There are thousands of videos on the internet as of today. It may be related to kind of tutorial videos, comedy skits, Pranks and so on. All these videos have been created with video-making apps, also mentioned as video makers. Besides, you may have observed videos comprises of photos; that is, a collection of photos created into a short video. Well, this is fairly possible with video making applications.


3. Messengers


In recent times messengers are one of the popular, rapidly growing and most using mobile apps. With messengers, you can post messages, pictures, videos, audio and video messages, and even make video calls. E-mail service providers now work with mobile app development company in Kuwait to support their customers with mobile app development, therefore, no longer unfamiliar to see apps like Yahoo Messenger. Meanwhile, thanks to mobile app development companies, there are now messenger apps that you can combine all your social media accounts into so that all your social media accounts will be in one place. This is a great development because it helps to keep your phone’s internal memory.


4. Games


Mobile App development company in Amman, Jordan or freelance App developers have provided hundreds of mobile games for iPhone and Android users. The game is useful because it helps to relax. It also takes a lot of time, addictive, and you will feel a pleasant experience. Games are recommendable because they assist to develop the brain by supporting mental alertness and cognitive development through analytical thinking. Games have been developed depending on various concepts and for the interest of game enthusiasts, some will be discussed.


A lot of people like action games and there are many of them. For instance, there are driving games for people who like car racing. In games like this, you are normally required to outrace other competitors. There will be barriers along the way to block you from reaching the finish line before others.


Another interesting action game is the shooting game. In most shooting games, you are required to choose the weapon or resources that you like. And your mission will normally be to kill invaders. You are required to complete different stages. One excellent feature of this kind of game is that you will experience virtual reality or you have a chance to try your shooting abilities.


These are merely some of the games that have been developed by the app development companies for stress relief and mental development. All the same, the games are freely available for iPhone and Android phone users.


5. Social media


As of today, almost everyone has a social media account. Social media encourages people to socialize. It brings together family and friends. And these days, they have become a useful marketing tool. Social media has been recognized to boost sales by over 15% while e-mail marketing has also supported to improve sales further by about 60%. That is the capability of the internet. Nevertheless, do not forget that mobile app development companies play a role in this development because practically everyone evaluates the website, social media page, and/or e-mail messages of businesses via their iPhone or Android phone




It has been noted that the top app development companies provide the best mobile experience to mobile phone users. It is advisable that you reach a reputable mobile app development company.


Fusion informatics is the top app development company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and has 18 years of experience in developing various kind of applications. Our expertise and knowledge makes us a popular app development company and always ready to provide the best mobile app solutions


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Why Mobile Application Development is essential for small business

Once upon a time, mobile applications were giving low priority in their business. But the situation is totally transformed and now it is the only priority given by the business owners for their business. Initially, mobile apps are utilized by Large companies and small companies won't even touch mobile apps for their business. They can't afford that much money for mobile app development. Now companies from small to mid-level companies are able to hire the top mobile app development company in Dubai, USA across the world. At present, it becomes a necessary thing for every business. If you want to know more about mobile applications and how they will influence the small companies who are searching for the top mobile app development company in Kuwait and other nations.



1. Promotion


Many Mobile app development companies are providing app development services to small companies on various platform. It is the best opportunity for small size companies. Because everyone is using smartphones and mobile apps for buying different products and getting services. Most of the small companies don't spend much time to evaluate the present situation and thinks it as a risky one. In fact, nowadays you can find mobile apps everywhere. Following traditional techniques such as billboards, advertisements and etc are not effective and you are spending too much cost on these marketing techniques. But the fact is mobile app development for a business is less costly when compared to advertisements and etc. There is no reason to avoid mobile apps for small business. It is simple to promote your products or services and helps to reach the number of audiences.


2. Customer Loyalty


At present, there is no particular reason for consumers to show loyalty to business specifically. There are various companies are providing similar kind of services that you provide and trying to attract the customers. If a consumer is really satisfied with services and products you offer and feels them easy to get your products, then you have high chances for customer loyalty and it happens most cases also


How to attract a customer to your service or product for enhancing loyalty. This is possible through mobile applications and it helps to maintain a relationship with consumers. Mobile apps enable companies to offer a reward for the most visited customers to their business. Coupons are designed to attract the  consumers for taking an instant action and you can get a lot of opportunities through mobile apps for your business


3. Customer Engagement


Most of the big companies are offering great deals to consumers and it is difficult for small companies to compete and attract those customers towards your business. Here the best mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and etc are coming into existence to help small companies. By taking support from a robust mobile app development company, it is simple to engage more customers to a business with a mobile app without any extra budget.


If a consumer is not able to connect with the business. It is a huge loss to small size companies. If you develop a mobile app for your business and you will available to the consumer wherever they locate. It is simple to carry a mobile phone and they can use an app whenever they need. This only reveals that customers always remember your business when they use the mobile app. It is good to have a mobile app for business in the present competitive world and every small business should try mobile apps for providing best services and it is a big asset to companies for avoiding risk and retain your customers for a long time




Every consumer wants to experience a new way in their shopping and it is possible only through apps. So if you want to develop your business, consider the above-mentioned points and develop a robust mobile app from the top mobile app development company in Amman, Jordan, etc countries  and stay ahead in the competition


Fusion informatics is the best mobile app development company in Muscat, Oman and offering app development services on various platforms such as ios, Android and etc. Our mobile app developers are fully dedicated and have a lot of knowledge on various latest technologies.


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Top Mobile app development companies in Kuwait-Fusion Informatics

Due to reach and a number of mobile users, mobile apps are gaining more Popularity. Over the past few years, the mobile application is the leading technology and every shop owner, business owners from small to high-level companies are using mobile applications. Most of the companies who have websites turned into mobile apps to prevent issues with the internet and minor mistakes.

For any company, a powerful and secure mobile app is vital and is often to get more customers. There are many mobile app development companies in Kuwait. It's real, and some of the app development companies are truly great at what they do. Choosing the best mobile apps development companies in Kuwait is really a tough job for the business owners. So we conduct a deep analysis of various companies in terms of experience, portfolio and efficiency and finalize the top mobile application development companies in Kuwait


  • Fusion informatics


Fusion Informatics is the leading mobile app development company in Kuwait. We received a specific recognition about mobile app development techniques that are using across advancement, data management, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of Things after producing a different kind of mobile apps to various industries.


Our main motto is to provide the best mobile apps to our clients that can really help to capture the market and create brand awareness for their business. Fusion Informatics having efficient app developers who have good knowledge and experience for developing excellent mobile apps on Android or iOS etc platforms.


  • Hyperlink Infosystem


Hyperlink InfoSystem mainly offers mobile application development services for every platform. The company was established in the year of 2011. They always consider that technology can make a change in their lives and they are continually enthusiastic about mobile apps and the positive impact it can have on the actual world business. Their experienced team of developers acquires the necessary skills and knowledge to help and achieve the requirements of people as well as business owner requirements.


Their goal is to provide Cost-effective services for various industries related company needs and enhancement in their business productivity and profitability. They are giving more scope for communication with their clients because customer satisfaction is more important and clients are their top priority.


  • Octal IT Solutions


It is one of the most fast-growing mobile apps development company in Kuwait. It supports technically for the different clients by analyzing their ideas and requirements. The ideas of the clients are implemented in the form of projects with the assistance of our technical team.


The services which this company offers are web development, web design, UI-UX design, supply chain blockchain, mobile application development, IoT app development, ERP solutions, Enterprise app modernization etc.


  • Babjee International


It is one of the foremost mobile application development companies in Kuwait, founded in 1998. We have experience in providing both domestic as well as international clients.  Our developer's team provides you the finest mobile application on any mobile platform like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, etc and it will give ROI for your business.


  • Mawaqaa


Mawaqaa is one of the leading mobile application development company in Kuwait which is established in 2002. We design and develop your applications using their experience in mobile platforms development, following the global industry standards with their UX/UI creativity. Our team of highly skilled developers, designers, and testers who are committed and efficient in providing robust developed apps.


  • Nokhetha


Nokhetha is the most famous mobile applications development company, which presents mobile application development services to both companies and individuals. It is located at Sheraton Roundabout, Kuwait. They are continually updating their skills and applied new technologies to develop the best apps for clients. The major platforms they are concentrating on iPhone apps and Android apps.


  • AppClues Infotech


AppClues Infotech is the top app development company, which is in the position to develop all kind of different apps for multiple platforms like iOS, automaton & Windows.  We have a wide pool of skilled and experienced team members who have control over cutting edge technologies and grip over current market trends. Each team member attempts 24×7 for your content. Even after giving  the ultimate solution to you we are there with you for later support




I hope this will provide a solution for the people who need to develop the mobile app for their business or for individual purpose, as I mentioned the above companies are the most prominently mobile apps development companies in Kuwait that can be helpful to take your business to the new heights.


We Fusion informatics is ready to develop apps on multiple platforms based on your demands. 


Reach Us -sales@fusioninformatics.ae 



Top Mobile App Development Company in Riyadh,Jeddah,Saudi Arabia-Fusion Informatics

Saudi Arabia is officially regarded as the (Saudi Arabia Kingdom). It's the Middle East's biggest independent country. Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Jeddah has become the primary centre for the recent trends and technology that companies have appeared to spend more on technology.


As far as technology is concerned, Saudi Arabia placed 13th in the Global Security Index. Over the years, the Mobile Application sector has changed quickly. Saudi Arabia has recently become a hub for mobile app development companies. Saudi Arabia's public recently embraced smartphone, leading to drastic changes in the Saudi industry. Business in Saudi Arabia needs to upgrade its company policies and should be more focused on internet involvement. Here, mobile app development plays an important role in advancement for business in improving sales and engaging customer. There are several Mobile App development companies in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Jeddah that can help your business to engage more customer and retain the existing one by developing a well-planned mobile app for your business.



Before Selecting a Top Mobile app development company in Riyadh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, companies should look at these factors.


  • Profile of the company
  • Portfolio of the company
  • Experience
  • Maintenance and Support


If you're looking to create a mobile app for your new or current business, this post will definitely assist you to get all the details about one of the best mobile apps development company in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Jeddah. Depending on the main indicators and prior track documents, inventory, service delivery, core knowledge, expenditures, UI / UX layout. It is easy to Hire the Best Mobile Apps development companies in Riyadh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Fusion informatics is one of the top mobile applications development companies in Riyadh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for businesses to create their attractive app idea into a strong mobile application. At Fusion Informatics, we are always striving hard to meet customer requirement by developing high-quality apps within a specified timeframe and the highest plan for the sector. For multiple mobile devices, we create apps that are responsive enough to adjust to altering market trends. What makes us one of the greatest mobile app development company in Riyadh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is our dedication to our job.


Our app developers are always focused on constructing the finest mobile app and ensuring we provide our customers with the finest facilities in an advanced manner. We place qualified and extremely professional designers working to develop apps that are consistent across the globe with distinct app development platforms and frameworks. Our reflective and interactive app growth approach helps our design team transform easy app concept into the attractive app that produces strong income. That's why fusion informatics is the largest apps development company in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Jeddah.


Our Mobile app development services include


  • iphone/ios app development


Development of iPhone apps is more profitable for companies than for Android. So there's a huge demand worldwide for iPhone applications. If you're planning to create an iPhone app, reach us to create an incredible app. Our highly skilled developers of the iPhone app assist to do this.


  • Android app development


We develop applications that individuals like to see and develop Android apps that individuals enjoy using. We have a squad of skilled developers for developing Android apps. Our team support for developing android apps can considerably improve your company efficiency and profit.


  • Custom App Development


Our custom app development facilities a wide range of opportunities for business people to take their business to the next level. We customize apps according to the requirements of their sector and provide our clients with significant advantages.


  • Hybrid App Development


Our mobile app developers have a great experience building hybrid apps that work flawlessly beyond various mobile devices and multiple platforms. Our developers can develop the best app solution to match your business demands.




Fusion informatics is working on the recent technologies and techniques in Mobile App Development. Now, the iOS and Android app development become easy for you with us. Start discussing your concept with our development team and get Robust Mobile application to your business


How Mobile Technologies are helping Human Resource Sector

From recruiting, training to maintaining the time and data of all the employees of the company, there are several aspects that employers must address when it comes to human resources management. Well, it can become quite a challenging task, particularly when the right tools and strategies are not utilized.


According to the Pew Research Center report, there are about 68% of American adults who have a smartphone. Of them, around 41% have utilized their smartphone to scan for work. This means that the number of 'smartphone job seekers' is growing rapidly. So, how about evolving your human resources system with the addition of a mobile Technologies



Recruitment companies normally have a website but things shift daily. Often, a website cannot keep up with the turnover of busy jobs and the addition of new jobs. It is also essential to attract new candidates to your company, as well as jobs for them. Many Mobile app development companies contributing their services across various sectors


A mobile application can intellectualize almost everything relevant to human resources work. As you all know, the basic but most important role of HR is to hire personnel for your company. Now, this is not a one-time process and will happen as the need arises. And, in fact, it takes a lot of effort to find the top candidate.


Well, suppose you could find a proper candidate after some screening tests. But, what happens if he/she did not show up? He has turned to the first step: search, organize an interview, make a selection and recruit.


Today's candidates require something more. Most applicants have the following things in common:


  • They feel happy with the technology
  • They use applications for other communications and expect most companies to have a mobile solution for them.
  • They want to get alerts and notifications wherever they are, but discreetly, since they could still be in another job. 


Human resources mobile applications


Hr applications help put data within reach of employees, but what does that really mean? This is an example: the mobile application of ADP already has more than two million downloads and less than two percent of customers must opt not to participate in the service. The ADP application allows employees to access data like payment information at any time and anywhere.


This type of connectivity 24/7/365 is necessary for a generation of connected professionals (or, more precisely, wireless). To take this example a little further, let's see what else employees can do with the ADP application:


See the payroll statements.

Entry and exit clock.

Send messages if they are delayed or will be absent.

Request free time

Track your schedules.

Review the advantages, savings accounts and expense accounts.

Formulate or review time sheets.


Big Data


The two key underlying features for each function or task are to assure compliance and avoid risk. After all these years, technology has transformed the monotony through the Human Resources platform. One of these technological trends is Big Data, which enables HR professionals to communicate with target audience groups and communicate well with potential clients.


In addition, when Big Data is combined with other technologies, it can give insight and support professionals to make decisions like never before. It also provides a fact-based view of the current workforce and supports them to identify emerging trends.



Social Media


it has become a fundamental practice for each organization to have a presence in social networks for marketing or for the responsibility of corporate human resources. In any organization, Human Resources is the function that deals with all matters associated with employees, such as payroll, hiring, employee commitment, learning, and skills development, the work environment, etc. It is also the duty of the Human Resources function to inform and generate conversations about various Human Resources. practices such as talent acquisition, leadership, communication with employees, as well as attracting future employees. Social networks as a medium help them do just that.


Through social networks, communications have changed both internally and externally in organizations. There is a need to build an attractive bidirectional dialogue between the company and the employees. Human resources use social networks to create this dialogue. As we know, the foremost task of any human resources personnel goes beyond filling the Excel sheets with the details of the employee. The main work lies in understanding the pulse of the employees: what works for them and what does not? With this tool, all employees can join, collaborate and react in a public forum in the presence of Human Resources. These online discussions around an organization are very essential to build the image of a company as an employer of choice. This makes social networks a sufficient tool for brand creation and corporate responsibility.



Wearable Devices


It is expected that the market for wearable devices for the company will reach 18 Billion in 2019, visibly affecting the human resources department.  While tracing workplace wellness through wearables is most likely the easiest and most straightforward use, applications can vary. Stress management and monitoring can become the standard, especially in environments where it affects retention. But moving besides health, wearable devices are also improving other areas of productivity and employee management.




These developments in technologies enable organizations to redesign workplace experience, enhancing employee experience and, therefore, retention and participation rates.


The future of any human resources organization is correlated to technological development and, at the same time, it offers opportunities for industry to adopt new developments for providing better services.

Fusion informatics is the Leading Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai and providing services in ios app developmentandroid app development, artificial, and blockchain technology, etc. Our developers are fully efficient and committed towards development and provide app solutions based on the requirements 


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How Blockchain Technology is Changing the Travel Industry

What is Blockchain Technology?


Although the blockchain technology may sound confusing at first, it is really quite simple to deal with them. Ultimately, it is a list of public records, also known as public accounting, where the transactions between the parties are recorded or stored. Each record, known as a "block" within the terminology of the blockchain, is secured by cryptography.


One of the most important aspects of blockchain technology is that the data is decentralized, with information shared through a peer-to-peer network. Each block contains transaction information and a timestamp. The blocks are also permanent and can not be changed without the consent of the entire network and without changing all subsequent blocks.


The decentralized, permanent, time-stamped and unalterable nature of the data recorded in the blockchain means that the data is more protected, accountable and transparent. After all, there is no focal point of vulnerability or failure, and the data itself is opposing modification and rejected manipulation.



In recent years, blockchain technology has created great enthusiasm in many industries and fields. This is because it has the potential to dramatically change the way information and data are stored and used, enhancing transparency and security while increasing transactions. Especially those where users would get advantage from the security and transparency that blockchain would provide, such as the distribution of payments, financing and the execution of contracts. Here, we take a closer look at the impact of blockchain in Travel Industry.


  1. Tracking luggage


Blockchain technology can be notably valuable in tracking luggage movements, particularly when it comes to overseas travel. In many cases, a client's luggage transfers hands several times throughout their trip. The use of a decentralized database makes it simple to receive the tracking data between companies.


  1. Prevention of fraud


Consumers did hotel reservations through websites and believed that it belonged to the hotel but it is actually operated by scammers. Blockchain can be utilized to avoid such unfortunate scenarios and support consumers to verify properties and vice versa. In addition, with the documents and identities stored in blocks, travel merchants will not have to manually verify the reservations that are marked to detect possible fraud. Traveller information is securely available through blockchain and fraud activities are significantly reduced.


  1. Safe and traceable payments


Perhaps the most important use of blockchain technology within the travel and tourism industry is relevant to payments. Here, its applications can range from serving as a public ledger, making bank payments simpler and more secure and enable travel companies to receive payments using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and other digital currencies.


  1. Business Reviews


It is more common that we look at the forums and read the opinions of the users when we travel; however, we can not always confirm who wrote them or their accuracy. With blockchain, all the information that appears on the network is public, reliable and secure, achieving greater transparency and enhancing customer confidence.


  1. Customer loyalty programs.


Normally, many travel companies conduct customer loyalty programs, in order to encourage personalized return. Blockchain can also help with these programs, clarifying the process, enabling customers to more simply access information about their loyalty points and enabling tokens to be distributed. It can also assist to fight fraud in this area.




Blockchain and the capabilities it offers are endless and the travel industry is just beginning to discover new ways to take advantage of its capabilities. The changes will take time, but the first drivers in executing the new tools and processes will be ahead of the package and get the benefits of leading the industry. Many blockchain development companies assist through robust blockchain solutions for several customers around the world


Fusion informatics is one of the top mobile app development company in Dubai and continuously adopting new technologies coming into the market. Our Developers has a lot of experience in Blockchain development, IOT development, Artificial intelligence development and delivered robust blockchain solutions and mobile apps to different clients at affordable price.



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How AI has its impact on Finance Industry

As global technology has grown over the years, we have shifted from television to the internet, and today we are easily and continuously adapting Artificial Intelligence. The term AI was first invented by John McCarthy in 1956. It includes a lot of the main things ranging from process automation of robotics to the actual process of robotics. Artificial intelligence has already enclosed us in many facets of our day-to-day life. For Instance, predictive text, or voice recognition or assistance such as when you use Siri or Google. Recently voice assistance become more popular



Technology driven industries are the ones most likely to work and utilize AI to its fullest potential and the financial industry is no exception. While the excitement to integrate AI into the financial sector has grown  over the past few decades,


It has become highly popularized among large enterprises today owing to the amount of data, these companies are dealing in. Raise in the demand for understanding the data patterns have led to the growth in need of AI. Identifying the data patterns are done perfectly by artificial intelligence than the humans which is helpful for companies to know their target audience and gain insight.


  • Consumer financial services


Consumer financial services hold the consumers and their individual demands at the core of their highly optimized offerings. AI makes it potential to present consumers with a personal financial concierge that automatically presents them to decide a suitable style of spending, saving, and investing that is based on their personal habits and goals. With AI in finance, it's desirable to create intelligent products that can get from the customer's financial data and conclude what's working for them and what's not, and assist them to track their financial activities better


  • Fraud Detection


Every business strives to reduce the risk conditions that surround it. This is even true for the financial industry also. The loan a bank gives you is normally someone else’s money, which is why you also receive paid interest on deposits and dividends on investments. This is also why banks and financial institutions take fraud severely. AI is effective when you consider security and fraud identification. It can use past data of various transaction instruments to point out odd behaviour, such as using a card from another country just a few hours after it has been used outside, or an effort to withdraw a sum of money that is important for the account in question. Another unique feature of fraud detection using AI is that the system has no doubts about learning. If it raises a red flag for a regular transaction and a human being corrects that, the system can learn from the experience and make even more complicated decisions about what can be viewed fraud and what cannot.

  •  Insights


Insight generation includes obtaining meaningful and actionable intelligence from ever-increasing quantities of available raw data.With the amount of information in the world almost growing each year, it is no wonder that data complexity is the top hurdle standing in the way of digital transformation. One of the quickest growing uses of AI is to listen to all customer communications, both directly with a company and about that company in the market at large - ranging from call centre communications to chat sessions and even social media activity.


  • Voice Assistance


This technology enables customers to use financial services with voice commands rather than a touch screen. The natural language technology can process queries to answer questions, find information, and connect users with different banking services. Barclays is currently generating a technology that will allow users to carry out money transfers by talking to a robot computer system. The AI system will be alike to Apple's iPhone personal assistant, Siri.


  • Trading:


Investment firms have been relying on computers and data scientists to define future patterns in the market. As a domain, trading and investments depend on the capacity to predict the future perfectly. Machines are great at this because they can chew a huge amount of data in a short while. Machines can also be directed to observe patterns in past data and predict how these patterns might happen in the future. AI can suggest portfolio solutions to satisfy each person’s demand. So a person with a high-risk appetite can count on AI for decisions on when to buy, hold and sell the stock. One with lower risk desire can get alerts for when the market is predicted to fall, and can thus make a choice about whether to stay invested in the market or to move out.


Conclusion:  So I hope you have known the impact of artificial intelligence in the Finance industry and it should be in a positive way. If you want to take the opportunities of artificial intelligence for your company. Hiring the top artificial intelligence development company is a clever idea because they have a lot of expertise in artificial intelligence development. Not only ai some companies are providing blockchain development, iot app development and etc services also.


Fusion informatics is the right artificial intelligence development partner for your company. We have a lot of expertise in ios app development,  android app development, aidevelopment,cloud-based solutions and etc and delivered robust ai solutions to varios clients across the world


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A Complete Guide- Grocery Mobile App Development

In the Mobile app development world, you can visualize everything which makes your life simpler and presents a profitable business platform. According to the global survey, 40% of the user community favour the online order purchasing items at a better price rate. seeing this thing,


Shopping is the preferred activity of most of the people. But, when it comes to grocery shopping, it becomes a tiresome job. In offline grocery shopping, people require to visit the supermarket, pick the products, stand in a large queue for payment, and finally bring the products to the home. It is too tiring.  To enable shoppers with the next level of encouragement, the idea of the on-demand grocery delivery app came into existence. So Grocery App Development companies are rapidly growing in the global world with exciting and attractive app features



Types of Grocery Apps


Aggregators Grocery Apps


Aggregators just a mere list nearby grocery stores to a user. The user can pick one of the nearby grocery store previously listed on the app. Next, from the online menu, he can attach whatever he wants in any quantity to the cart. Checkout, and does payment with various available payment opportunity, and set for the store to confirm and verify the order. The responsibility to deliver the order lies personally with the store owner, aggregator only lists the store and its menu on its platform.


Marketplaces Grocery app:


A marketplace grocery app store is much alike to the aggregation grocery store  platform, but this marketplace has its personal team of delivery agents to deliver ordered grocery to the customers’ home by means of a personal mobility solution.


Exceptional Stores apps :


It is a separate store app, the grocery owner commissions his own branded app and gets the consideration of everything from maintaining the app and keeping a refreshed online list to delivering the order to a customer and receiving payment.


Personalized Grocery Apps Solution:


As the name suggests these apps are specifically developed for customers. It supports them to plan their grocery shopping in an effective manner and the goal of building grocery shopping apps is to analyze the overall process and to give an excellent experience to the user.


Features of Grocery apps


User Panel Features


  1. User Registration/ Login


The most important part of an application where users need to login via their email id or contact number. These days, users favour to have a possibility of login through social media accounts such as Facebook.


2.Browse & Search Products


It enables users to select a favoured product from all the categories of grocery items that are placed in the app with description. Shoppers can pick their preferred products by utilizing different filters, sorting, and search criteria.


  1. Multiple Payment Options


All the payment options should be combined into the app such as Debit Card, Credit, Card, Online Payment, Net Banking, Cash on Delivery, etc. Buyers should have the versatility to make a payment in a convenient and secure way.


  1. Schedule Delivery


The feature allows customers to schedule a specific time duration for taking the orders or deliveries as per their comfort.


  1. Order & Delivery Tracking


With the help of Google Positioning System (GPS), grocery businesses can enable shoppers to track the real-time status of their placed orders and the driver’s location. Uniting Google Map feature, you can enhance the loyalty of your business in many folds.


Admin Panel Features


  1. Dashboard

An intuitive dashboard permits the admin to track all orders received from the customers, handle different business activities, and provide services on the go and swiftly.


  1. Assign Orders


After receiving a confirmation about an order, the store manager can specify the order to the respective delivery person to deliver the grocery products at the specified date, time and place.


  1. Inventory Management


Manage large stock of inventory utilizing this feature. Track the real-time status of product inventory and control all the orders efficiently. Admin can get better insights about whether the product is in-stock or out of stock. If the product is not available, business owners can take the needed decisions.


How much Does it cost to develop a on-demand grocery app


The cost of on-demand grocery order and delivery app development depends on different aspects such as business model, kind of app like simple, compact and large scale, number of features and functionality, pricing design, platforms, the development team, and more




So you find the detailed information about the mobile app development for a grocery store. Everyone can easily decide what type of applications needed for their online grocery store. Hire the team of the efficient mobile app development company who are able to do ios app development and android app development and etc and discuss the cost of a grocery app


Fusion informatics is the right mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia and have 18 years of experience in the field of app development and not in app development, we are efficient is blockchain development, artificial intelligence development & iot app development etc.


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Latest Blockchain Technology Trends in 2019

The blockchain technology first initiated its official introduction almost a decade ago in the year 2009 and since then we have witnessed the transformation of the blockchain right in front of our eyes. From the retail sector to the field of Healthcare and Medicine, blockchain technology has created its way into multiple industry verticals.


If we glance at the best time of this emerging technology, we only have to focus on the last five years. This is because ICO carried the very first time by Mastercoin in the year 2013 and just a year later one of the most famous Japan-based bitcoin exchanges, My Gox failed.


2015 was the year when Ethereum was originated with its new Smart Contract functionality and then in the same year, Coinbase gathered a total of $75 million. And in just a span of two years, the tech giant IBM made a huge statement of collaborating with European banks in order to make a blockchain-based financial trading platform. With that being said, let’s talk about the top emerging blockchain trends in 2019 that will give us more insights about the future of blockchain.






Today, the top crypto exchanges are centralized companies that are formally organized and obedient with federal and state regulations.


A new collection of companies, dubbed “decentralized exchanges,” plan to utilize blockchain technology to facilitate exchange without a centralized middleman. The SEC’s clampdown on these companies has many examinations whether decentralized exchanges can anticipate by US securities regulations. As the decentralized concept flows, expect regulatory questions to draw more awareness and scrutiny this year.


2.Security tokens


It was not a pleasant time for ICO projects which worked with utility tokens distribution. About half of all projects on the market seemed to be scams. Utility tokens are not substantial enough for institutional investors. Furthermore, ICO isn’t monitored and is considered as ill-gotten gains. All these factors influenced the market and caused a strong slowdown.


So now it’s time for security tokens to come in. Security tokens are regulated as company shares which redefines the raising money process and protects investors’ rights. What’s more, security tokens are utilized in tokenizing physical assets as real-estate, piece of arts and so forth. So we’ll surely meet a shift in blockchain investment trends from Initial Coin Offering to Security Token Offering.


  1. Apps will be built on blockchain technology


Mobile apps development company in Dubai, USA & other countries across the globe will build apps on blockchain technology, moving away from the proof-of-concept stage and into widespread adoption as they start to recognize the cost savings and enhanced security they can achieve. In fact, it’s foretold that blockchain application development will transform technological advancement. These apps might have wide use such as cybersecurity or be niche-focused


4.Blockchain as a service(Baas)


One of the emerging blockchain, trends is BaaS – a cloud-based service enabling users to create and examine their own blockchain solutions e.g. smart contracts or applications. It gives the opportunity of establishing blockchain without dealing with its complex infrastructure or investing vast amounts of money in such development.


The technological progress of recent years headed to the arrival of new programming languages enabling easy-multithreading solutions. Moreover, a new blockchain development trend is the movement towards microservice architecture centred on event-driven and decentralized solutions. So, the tendency is obvious – we are heading to SaaS and BaaS solutions.


There are previously a couple of BaaS solutions performing given by such companies as Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, and IBM. And for sure, we’ll see this blockchain transforming technological trend growing.


  1. 5. Blockchain will beef up the Internet of things


Blockchain technology will enhance the Internet of Things (IoT) where apps must run anywhere by building trust, decreasing risk, reducing costs, and speeding up transactions. In 2019, it’s expected that 20 percent of all IoT deployments will have at least basic levels of blockchain development services enabled.


  1. 6.Hybrid Blockchains


Next, in the list of new blockchain technology in 2019 is hybrid blockchain which can be simply described as the blockchain that tries to use the most appropriate part of the public as well as the private blockchain solutions.


If we opt for an example of an ideal world scenario then the hybrid blockchain will be mainly managed across various platforms. On the other hand, there are some processes for whom the processes are declared as private while the others continue public.




So there are a lot of benefits that a company get from blockchain technology. In future also there will be a demand for blockchain. So use blockchain technology for development and hire the top blockchain developer for your business.


Fusion informatics is the mobile app development companies in Abu Dhabi and also offering services across the globe by latest technologies. Our services include blockchain development, artificial intelligence development & mobile app development with integration of latest technologies at affordable cost

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Key challenges facing in Mobile Application Testing

In fact smartphones and mobile applications usage enhanced in recent years, because everyone wants to do their jobs in an easy manner. Smart and apps is a good opportunity for them to do multiple tasks like browsing the internet, social networks and etc. Many mobile app development companies develop apps and releases in the market, but the main essential factor needs to be considered is testing the application. Every company or developers have to test the applications before releasing them into the market.


If you develop an app with attractive features and designs and you released it into the market. If the user found any mistake or feeling bad about the functionality. It is enough to reject your app from the user side. An app will success when it gains the heart of users by its functionality and features. Consider user interface and how mobile app is working on different conditions


Challenges in testing mobile applications


Types of mobile applications:

Mobile applications can be native, hybrid and web. Test scripts are changed for all these types, in addition, the behaviour of applications also does not equal: it is different from installation to main functionality. The choice of how the application will be tested depends on all these aspects.


Numerous devices


With the increase in the mobile device market, more difficult technical features have emerged. This brings trouble when mobile applications become incompatible with various operating systems. An application that works fine in the same OS may not be so fast in different OS or in another version of the system




This factor greatly influences application performance, which in turn changes the user experience. Wi-Fi speed, network signal strength can leave an offensive aftertaste for the end user. Since all mobile service providers support various amounts of transmitted data, it is essential to test the connection speed. A mobile application tester should think about all these factors and make sure that the product works well in several networks. Testing in a real network is a first experience for testing existing problems. Some systems, for example, pCloudy, offer a setting for testing, where the user can test the operation of the application in diverse network conditions on a real device in the cloud. You should contact enterprise mobile app development companies to hire dedicated developers for your mobile app which will work on various networks

Based on Screen size

Android comes with a mix of features and changes in pixels densities and ratios which differs in each screen size. Even in the case of Apple, the screen new size was introduced with the launch of the iPhone 6. Now, it is not to design an app which will be perfect to a screen rather designing an app for adaptive screen design. Well with such a difference in screen sizes, the role of the IOS app developersor Android app developers or both becomes severe as they need to check if all the features are working well in multiple screens and pixel and aspect ratios


Selection of tools


Testing is a significant aspect of the life cycle of a mobile application and for this, there is a lot of tools available. Selecting the right tool to satisfy design requirements is a critical decision. The effectiveness of testing a mobile application will be based solely on the abilities of the application to automate testing.




There are a lot of reasons why a mobile application developed by atop mobile application development company in UAE,India & etc becomes successful: a brilliant client idea, great developers, cool management of the development process, competent promotion, etc. Another key success factor is testing. No matter what the developers do, no matter how the marketers and managers work, without quality control, everything depends on proper testing


Fusion Informatics is the top apps development company in Abu Dhabi and offering mobile app development services on various platforms like ios, android &, etc. Not only in mobile apps we work on artificial intelligence developmentblockchain development & iot development. We have 18 years of experience in mobile application development and can give suggestions in terms of cost to develop an app, and need features of an app based on their requirements.


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Mobile App vs Mobile Website: Pros and Cons of Each Approach


Mobile websites and Mobile apps are very similar to look at first glance after determining which suits our business needs will depend upon target audiences, factors, available budget, intended purpose and required features. If you are planning to establish a mobile presence for your business or organization, whether you want to create an app for users to download it or a mobile website, or perhaps both.


Now let’s try to look at what a mobile website and a mobile app can do for businesses.


Mobile Websites


This is a mobile version of the desktop website. It is independent and separate from your website (desktop) and is designed for exclusive mobile use. Typically Mobile websites do not have as much content as desktop sites. It has limited pages and each page is optimized to match that people what they are usually needed when using mobile to access websites.


Why you need a mobile website?


Mobile websites make businesses reachable from any mobile device that has a browser. Nowadays, all smartphones have browsers meaning your business will be accessible nearly 61 per cent of the US population if you have a mobile site.


If you have a desktop site, users will assume you have a mobile website. Now mobile websites are an extension of your brand. That means a lot because it’s been widely reported that more than half of users tend to have negative opinions about a brand when they can’t access it from their phones. There are no downloads necessary we can use the only browser and users can pop right into your site.


Mobile Apps


The mobile app is one of software application made specifically using on smartphones and other small wireless devices such as tablets and smartwatches. They are developed entirely separately from the website.


Why you need a mobile app?


Users spend more than two hours a day on their smartphones, where 86 per cent is spent on mobile apps and also it can serve numerous functions, deliver general information like costs, events, they can facilitate the booking, searching, be a platform for personalized service, can have messengers, and many. Perhaps the biggest advantage to having an app is giving the user a complete experience when they’re inside your app.


The Cons: Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites


If you have a website, it is very simple to set up a mobile site. If you had someone else or an agency develop your site, it should take a less cost to set up a mobile site. That business should have mobile sites. For this purpose, you can know how they stack up against mobile apps. No app store presence, No push notifications, No offline access, and a challenge to design.


Mobile App Cons


The truth is that comparing mobile websites and mobile apps are like asking to choose between bread and butter. Bread always looks great, but it’s awesome with butter. Right? Since mobile websites are easier to get up, the mobile app needs to have a strong argument for itself if you were to consider getting one set up.


Added setup This is used to be a pretty strong con against mobile apps, but now with app building solutions like Build Fire, getting an app up and running isn’t that much hard and also it doesn’t take a long time. For all businesses, the app doesn’t have to be very elaborate at the start. Ones the setup can be quick if you’ve planned ahead.


Extra Cost In rare case business wants to have a fully custom app, whether for some functions like booking, mobile commerce store or as a customer service channel, app builders are able to provide an easy feature like drag and drop platform for a fraction of the costs of custom mobile apps. Builders can charge that saves a lot and ongoing support


It’s more work Mobile apps might be drag and drop but they are not definitely going to operate themselves. It should be part of a larger strategy in marketing and as well as mobile strategy. Need to spend time on learning app marketing so that can maximize your app and get a good return on your investment. It’s more work but it promises more returns.


So, which is good for business?


It is really hard not to be partisan here and I don’t like mobile browsers. But since the dawn of smartphones with huge screens, they’ve become more tolerable and usable and also I can say since it is very easy to set up for all businesses to have at least a mobile website. However, if you want to bring your businesses mobile presence to a whole new level, getting a mobile app is mandatory. Through your app, you can possibly open a new stream and bring better service to your users. Since it’s not a lot to have like that but you would really think it over.


Make sure you have a business with a mobile website setup, then review your options for having a mobile app running. After referring to this post you may plan to develop a mobile app for your site. You may reach to develop your mobile app in Fusion Informatics, it is listed in the first place among top mobile app development Companies in UAE. For any request, you can get in touch through the mail -sales@fusioninformatics.ae or Contact - +971 567594058.


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8 Things to Know Before Building Your First Mobile App

These are the most effective ways you must take before starting a mobile app development.


Keen research about the market: First, we need to know about the offers on the market in the current period and use the knowledge that can find the application gap that fills and serves a new unique and complete solution to the problem which you are stuck in solving.


Extensive market research should help you discover:


  • Who are your competitors?
  • What is their strategy?
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • What the customers are saying in the reviews and on social media.
  • What is their unique selling point?
  • Defining pitch and target audience: Can you coherent that your application is the specific purpose? Can you name its difference from your website and its specific use cases? It is one of the probably the trickiest step for the business owners and also marketers. This is the time to define:


  • What will be the app’s key functionality?
  • Why would people want to use it?
  • What comparison value added to a mobile website?
  • Which business goals helps you to achieve?
  • What audience will benefit from it?
  • What does that audience need and crave?
  1. Pick the native, hybrid and web app: It is one of the effective keys to get advantage from your market research and the core purpose also on the functionality which you have just defined so you can make the best decision.

These are the contrast between hybrid, native and mobile applications:

  • Access to native device APIs, depending on the device’s functionalities that you want your app to access.
  • Programming languages are built in, which may affect and depends on your budget, desired time frames, and available expertise.
  • Distribution method that largely affects the way you market your app and define your promotion strategies.
  • Multi-platform support, based on your target audience and the market you want to penetrate; most often, you will want to be present both on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play store.
  1. Get to know about monetization options: If you need profit directly from your mobile app, so this is the time to see the models of monetization applications. So you can get money from the apps through users.


  • Freemium apps
  • Paid (premium) apps
  • In-app purchases
  • Subscriptions
  • In-app ads
  • Sponsorships
  1. Build a marketing strategy and pre-launch buzz: To build the strategies of the current market these are the steps that make easy for promotion when the launch time comes, and you will have a warm community to launch for.


  • Define your branding.
  • Find your channels.
  • Create content.
  • Kick off your outreach.
  1. App store optimization: To place your app in the app store it is one of the key factors which need to be discovered in the app store. Most of the apps are found through the organic search and some in advertisements. It is the important one to place in both app stores’ that can use a brilliant opportunity for your mobile app to shine with its visuals, features and distinctive purpose.


  1. Know your resources: Finally, you are ready to announce your app launch date, you need to create the buzz around your launch and make people excitedly waiting for it. You need to be aware of the development time frames in front of you. Also, most businesses need months of time to develop and deploy a mobile app.


Make sure of knowing all guidelines of your entire project needs more effectively and allocate appropriate due dates to various planning and development stages. So it helps you further details of apps while launching. It includes:


  • Use case(s) definition
  • Mapping of required functionalities
  • Wireframing
  • Programming language/platform selection
  • Coding
  • Design
  • Testing
  1. Ensure security measures: This is one of the main factors which all must need to do, security of your app needs to ensure which is being built early in the development process. Users’ data need to keep in a very secure way and it is most valuable Asset that you should ensure processing in place to collect, handle and store all complete data, also you need to manage if any potential security risks arise.


Once you are ready with these preparation steps, now you can dive into your mobile app development without any distractions and lead it to a successful Deployment and its launch.


Conclusion: Are you looking to design a mobile app? You want to develop a mobile app for your own business. Nowadays there are huge mobile app development companies in all regions. Now the question, who will develop the best mobile app by using the above ideas. I have personally researched from last few days and then I can say strongly you can go with Fusion Informatics. It is one of the best mobile app development company in Dubai. Be sure to check out Fusion Informatics for more information about the firm, kindly reach out to get a free quote at sales@fusioninformatics.ae


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Get your business transformation from the expert mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE and Abu Dhabi.


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