How much does it Cost to Build An Mobile Application-Complete Guide

Mobile apps are recognized as the most booming market and exposing no signs of ending at all. A solid reason for this demand for mobile apps is that applications can support businesses for different activities.


Businesses take assistance from app development companies and build a mobile app for communication, food, sports, lifestyle, games, and many more. Apart from the discussed ideas, many enterprises have other mobile app plans in mind and to complete it, businesses regularly looking for a budget to build the app.


If you also have a fabulous app idea but don’t know how much money you want to be life into it, then here is everything you need to understand to estimate your mobile app development cost. Certain factors directly affect the app’s cost. So, first, interpret those factors to assist you to plan your app development budget.

Before entering into the topic, let's discuss the types of apps that are developing by various companies


The cost of the app development is based on the type that you are designing to create. Below are some types of apps through which you can determine the development cost to some extent.


Gaming Apps


Gaming apps are amongst the most famous kinds of mobile applications, and 24% of the mobile applications on the App Store are gaming apps. Gaming apps are highly profitable for developers. Mobile app development companies in Dubai and etc require various resources and technicalities to build a mobile game.


If you want to build a highly engaging game, then there will be an exceptional gaming story and personalities involved. For the creation of such intelligent gaming apps, you can hire a top mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia. You can present your creative ideas to the team and they will charge somewhere between $100 to $120 per hour.



Business Apps


The cost of a the business app is directly connected with your business model. Your business model will further define the technological stack, features, design, and development of the app.


For instance, if you need an app like grab taxi, then the cost will be around $30,000 to $50,000.This is not the exact price and it will change according to the features. However, if you need a simple app with primary features, then your development cost will be more limited.


The cost will enhance with the extension of new features. If you want a complex business app for extra performance and productivity, then you can consider the following features:


Login/Signup: Login with various social accounts will cost you around $3000, and a simplistic login will cost you $2000. Many mobile app development companies are including login feature for system authentication.


Chat: If you need to add push notification or live chat possibility into your app, then the cost of the feature will be $14,000.


Geolocation: Geolocation feature is important for those businesses’ who are trading with food and travel. If you want to combine an easy map, then the cost will be $3,500.


Mobile Payment: In case, your business model needs to add the mobile payment widget into the app like PayPal & other payment gateways, then its cost will be $7000.


Entertainment Apps


Entertainment apps like Facebook, Tinder and more are quite famous these days. These apps enable you to chat, video sharing, image sharing, calls and further. Every app has its feature set and here take tinder app as an example and what type of features it has


1.Profile of the User

  1. Chatbot

3.Search, Filters


5.Social Media Integration and etc


Factors That Determine Mobile App Costs


We have addressed the kinds of mobile apps in detail, but other factors also affect app development cost. Let’s deep dive to know those factors.




The choice of your platform significantly influences your mobile app development cost. App owners should concentrate their platform selection. The best way to choose the platform is by examining the target audience. Organizations first require to analyze where their audience visits get active. If most of their audience is on the Android platform, then surely Android app development is worth trying and vice versa

Some businesses want to attract huge audiences. For such companies, multi-platform development is a good opportunity.




App’s complexity is another factor to decide app development cost. Complex apps want more time and technologies, and therefore the cost will also enhance


For instance, Apps that include backend infrastructure are tough to build. Backend is not required for every app. Apps that hold heavy data for exchange require Backend infrastructure.




There is no specific cost for developing a mobile app. The cost of your mobile app mostly depends on certain factors like app complexity, technical stack, platform, features, mobile app development company in Jordan and etc countries that you have chosen.


I hope that you can get the opinion about how much you will require to spend in your app development process and now you are all set to accomplish your app idea in the best way.


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